Welcome on my site, my name is Janet Klok (1966) and I've always been interesed in making jewellery.

All my designs are unique pieces and my inspirationsare mostly found during my travelling. But also from the materials itself.

I mostly work with silver, gold and titanium often combined with precious or semi precious stones or other natural materials like coral, wood, lava etc.

I'm a specialist in melting projects from gold or silver, because you never know what's it gone be. I've got my own master sign.

On my website www.sparkle-sieraden.nl you can also see some designs. My jewellery is sold by differtent hotels and galeries in Holland but you can also find me on artfairs  and ofcourse in my own studio.

At "new" you will find my latest designs and after a while when they are not sold the will move to there own category.